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Jamel Thomas  faced many hurdles and hardships on his journey from an underprivileged neighborhood in Brooklyn to the NBA and international basketball circuit. His success was “Born in the Struggle”.

Long passionate about fashion, Jamel began designing and manufacturing one-of-kind pieces and small-runs for his students and friends centered on the core messages he lives by to achieve his personal best. Jamel’s designs have gained popularity, catching the attention of emerging athletes on street courts and professional-basketball players alike.

“Jamel”, an eponymous athleisure apparel brand with urban influences, was launched to bring these designs to the fore. The brand logo was sketched in Jamel’s early days designing on the streets of Brooklyn, referencing the lessons of faith, courage and strength he wishes he could have shared with himself as a young boy.

The casual, high quality apparel line features designs in children and adult sizes, giving families and teams the option of sporting coordinated looks with powerful messages. Because Jamel tragically lost his mother at a young age, it was a natural fit to donate a portion of apparel sales to benefit orphans and underprivileged children. Each unique clothing design features inspirational messages that have empowered people of all ages to pursue their dreams on and off the court.

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